Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Martial Arts Weapons (kobudo)

When it comes to martial arts weapons, one school stands above all others. The Arizona Hombu (aka Arizona School of Traditional Karate) at the 60 W. Baseline Center in Mesa. The school offers one entire night of training in martial arts weapons each week.  The first class, kobudo, provides adults and families an unique opportunity to learn many traditional Okinawan weapons. To our way of thinking, this is a super way to energize martial arts training which at times can get a little mundane. At the Arizona Hombu, martial arts students have the opportunity to stay interested with all of the weapons and kobudo kata (weapons forms) that are taught. No where in Arizona have we seen such a wide variety of martial arts weapons taught in one school.

Kobudo and Karate training go hand in hand in the martial arts. In Okinawa,
the birth place of karate, students learn both arts as they enhance one another
and also are part of one another. Outside of Okinawa, kobudo has often been
ignored by martial arts instructors.
The Arizona Samurai class has no match we are aware of in the Western US. Students in this class learn all about the samurai arts - not just swords, but also sojutsu, naginatajutsu, jujutsu, hanbojutsu, hojojutsu and more. It is a class any 17th century Japanese samurai would have loved to attend.

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